After an incredible five years, Anastacia decided to pause, take stock and look back on a time in her life she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams. In May 2007, Anastacia married her long-time bodyguard, Wayne Newton. From the unimaginable highs of multi-million selling records to the almost devastating lows of illness, Anastacia has seen it all since she released her debut album, "Not That Kind," back in 2000. She has lived, loved, suffered and poured out her heart and soul on her three albums, but the time now seems right to start a new phase and discover what life has in store next. Before she moves on, she has decided to recap her unbelievable story so far in a stunning greatest hits collection, "Pieces Of A Dream." It is a story that has taken her round the world, given her the strength to overcome almost any obstacle thrown in her path and seen Anastacia emerge as one of pop's most respected performers.

Born in Chicago and raised in New York, Anastacia has been singing as long as she can remember and spent years performing wherever she could, wowing everyone who heard her with her spectacular, powerful vocals. After finally signing with Epic Records, she released her debut recording, "Not That Kind," in 2000 and watched it explode throughout Europe, propelling her to immediate stardom. Her 2002 release, "Freak Of Nature," only built on this growing phenomenon and, since then, Anastacia has sold an incredible 20 million albums worldwide, with 3 million of those in the UK alone. She has also scored an impressive 12 hit singles, three of them top ten smash hits, won countless international awards and completed a major UK tour. With her huge voice and infectious personality, fans fell in love with her because she was loud, brash and in your face, but also grounded, passionate and true - something that is always reflected in her music.

In January of 2003, Anastacia confirmed to the world that she had breast cancer and for a brief moment it all stopped. Typically, though, she indicated she would not let it stop her from doing what she loved. Prior to her surgery, in February 2003, Anastacia appeared on a closed set in New York, for the filming of "Love Is A Crime" for the Chicago Soundtrack and ploughed through the 2-day taping, though the strains of illness were showing themselves to all around her. During the difficult months that followed, Anastacia cried, laughed, fought, sang and wrote with a passion she had never known before. She remained true to her words to her fans that "her resolve to fight was strong" and she emerged as the survivor everyone already suspected she was.

In September 2003, Anastacia entered the studio with Grammy-award winners Glen Ballard, Dallas Austin, and Dave Stewart and began what the singer referred to as a "difficult creative journey." Warned by her doctors that she would be physically drained from her treatment Anastacia stood prepared, as feisty as ever, to fight through whatever stood in her way. Reality check. "The experience was not pleasant," said Anastacia. "I usually look for the bright side of things, but so far nothing about making this record was positive for me. My doctor told me I'd be tired, not stupid," said Anastacia. "I could not focus on anything. I'd write a verse and then I couldn't write the chorus or I'd write the chorus but couldn't write the bridge. I couldn't talk, I couldn't think straight, I was totally out of it - the doctor's said I'd be tired - but of course I had insomnia. It was tough."

Yet, after nearly six months recording, Anastacia released a self-titled album that entirely reflected the reality of her life's experiences and the raw emotion that had accompanied every one of them. Affectionately dubbed 'sprock music' by Anastacia (soul, pop, rock), it showcased a fresh sound, a greatly matured songwriter and lyricist and more unforgettable vocal performances that have become Anastacia's signature. "I wanted to move more towards a rock sound for this record and it really has added so much to this recording," said the singer. "The feel of the music, the beat, of many of the songs really has offset some of the subject matter of the lyrics."

From a straight-ahead rocker like "Time" to the vocal passion and inventiveness of tracks such as "Left Outside Alone" and "Sick-n-Tired" to the stirring and poignant sincerity of "Heavy On My Heart," Anastacia bared her soul and let her fans into her most personal thoughts. "I was aware of what I was writing, of what was flowing from my heart and I was aware that people listening might be reading into the subject matter of the songs," said Anastacia. "I challenged myself both lyrically and melodically to stay true to those feelings and at the same time to use them in a positive way. You see, I need to see life through rose coloured glasses and while that view might have been clouded at times while writing some of these songs, I hoped that people would see that and feel that."

Her fans did not disappoint. "Anastacia" went on to sell an amazing 1.2 million in the UK and was certified platinum, making it the sixth biggest selling album of 2004. It led to one of the singer's most busy and successful years yet, gaining a whole new set of fans along the way and proving that nothing was going to get in her way.

Now, after such a life-changing period, Anastacia is ready to start a whole new phase of her career. Her struggles to get a record deal, write a third album and overcome such horrific illness are behind her and she is ready to start a new adventure. To mark the change, she plans to release the ultimate greatest hits collection, "Pieces Of A Dream." As well as all twelve of the singer's hits, it includes four new and exclusive tracks including compelling forthcoming single, also called "Pieces Of A Dream," "In Your Eyes," "I Belong To You" with Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti and "Everything Burns," a duet with Evanescence front man Ben Moody that featured on the recent soundtrack to blockbuster The Fantastic Four.

"Pieces Of A Dream" features an exclusive ten minute mega mix of all Anastacia's hits, while the deluxe two CD version of the album will include thirteen full length remixes.

It is a fitting summary to an exceptional era in Anastacia's life and an indication that the world can still expect plenty more from the little lady with the big, big voice.

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