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Birth name: Anastacia Lyn Newkirk
Nickname: Stacey
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Raised in: New York City
Height: 5' 2 " / 1.55 m
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Tattoos: Lower back - Ankh (Egyptian symbol for eternal life) (got is as a Christmas gift from her family)
  Between shoulder blades: forever (done on July 4th 1997)
  Together, both tattoos say "forever eternal life"
Mom: Diane Hurley, theatre actress (Irish)
Dad: Robert Newkirk, club singer (German)
Siblings: Older sister Shawn and younger brother Brian
Hero: Eton John
Favorite Perfume: China Rain
Favorite Drink: sambuca and Bailey's on the rocks
Favorite Film: Pretty Woman
Favorite Cookies:McVitie's chocolate digestives.
Got the nickname "Stage" from her grandmother (on her mother's side) when she was a little girl because she already had such star quality.
The name "Anastacia" is Greek for "she who will rise again."
Malcolm Jamal Warner (formerly Theo on The Cosby Show) took Anastacia to his prom.
Anastacia was fired from a facial salon for being too loud.
Anastacia appeared on David Morales and the Bad Yard Club's The Program in 1993. The song is called Forever Luv.
Anastacia was a contestant on MTV's The Cut and even made it to the finals (top 10), but didn't win. She and fellow non-winner (Christian rapper) T-Bone are now the most successful contestants from that show.
Favorite flavor of doritos is cheese, then ranch.
Anastacia loves to cook and clean!!!
Former dancer on "Club MTV"
At the age of 14, when Anastacia's parents divorced, she moved to New York City to be raised by her mother, and began studying at the Professional Children's School in Manhattan. Among Anastacia's classmates were Christian SLater and the late River Phoenix.
Recorded a cover of "Love is Alive". The original was done by Gary Wright, he had a big hit with this song in the '70s.
Appeared as a background dancer in the music videos "Everybody Get Up" and "Twist And Shout" by Salt'n'Pepa.
Originally wanted to be an archealogist.
Attended New York University (majored in Film; attended night classes in 1997)
Personal quote: "I wear a glasses, have a big scar, I sing loud, and I am blond. I'm sorry!"
Suffers from Crohn's disease, a chronic illness of the intestines, since she was 13 years old. A segment of her small intestine had to be removed due to the damage made to it by the disease. She still bears the scar of the operation on her lower abdomen and is not afraid to show it. She refuses for fashion magazines to digitally remove the scar on cover pictures.
Personal quote: "...If people ask me to describe my voice. I would say: Loud, louder loudest."
Announced on 21 January 2003 that she was diagnosed with breast cancer, after her doctor told her to go through a mammography. The cancer, though malignant, was diagnosed at an early stage and is most probable that she will recover.
Occasionally suffers from insomnia. Her sister Shawn is a massage therapist and nutrionist and often helps Anastacia with her sleep troubles.
Appear for a couple of seconds in Bon Jovi's video  'Wanted: Dead Or Alive' (1987)
Makes very good apple pies and chocolate brownies. Her family loves her apple pies. The recepie for the apple pie was published in "STAR PALATE - Celebrity Cookbook For A Cure"
Dolce & Gabbana are one of her favorite designers.
Does not like eggs.
Loves sushi.
Loves sushi and any other food of Asian origin. At home however, she prefers much simpler tastes such as chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and Doritos.
After Elton John reviewed her album for ‘Interview’ magazine, he asked her to perform ‘Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)’ with him at New York’s Madison Square Garden.
Learned French in school and tries to speak French whenever she visits France.
Appeared on Magic Johnson's short-lived talk show "The Magic Hour" during one of his audience talent showcases.
Her dad sang in Catskill motels, where also Frank Sinatra used to sing.
The title track of her album, ‘Not That Kind’, was produced by Rick Wake, a Grammy Award winner who’s also worked with the likes of Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.
One of Anastacia's main producers, Sam Watters, was a member of the R&B/Doo-wop quartet Color Me Bad.
Had a seven-year relationship with Shawn Woods which ended in 2001.
Had laser surgery in August 2005 to correct her vision.
Attended Elton John and David Furnish's wedding on December 21, 2005.